Last Minute Thoughts Before you Tie the Knot

By Robert London Photography

-The most important thing is communicate, call your Photographer and all your suppliers.
Confirm the times, directions, and any other last minute details.

-Make sure your Photographer received and understands your formal list and any other information you sent him.

-If planning outside pictures, make sure you have an alternative rain plan well thought out.

-Make sure the liaisons understand their roll in helping the Photographer.

-Exchange mobile phone numbers for yourself and perhaps another contact that will be with you.

-Confirm that all people involved in formal portraits know that you requested that they be in formal pictures and know when and were to be.

-Put a needle and thread kit together, almost every wedding I go to one is needed at some point in the evening.

-Remember to drink water and have something to eat.

-Relax, forget that one annoying relative, it is a celebration, all your hard work planning the wedding is done and you deserve to have a good time.

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